The Electronic Experiment

by Sorrow Stories

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From 2014

Note from Tina Forlorn:

The Electronic Experiment is music consisting from my first attempts to put songs together using electronic music. Featuring first take vocals, different styles and a combination of my own music & pre-made sounds.


released October 24, 2015

All music/lyrics/production: Sorrow Stories



all rights reserved


Sorrow Stories London, UK

Sorrow Stories is an One-Female Band created by Tina Forlorn.

On database with 'The Main Idea', a US company who are known for TV Ads.




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Track Name: Audition

I didn't wake up today
So I kept on dreaming
I couldn't feel the pain
Or was I the one screaming?

I don't know what this life is for
Maybe one day we'll know the answers
The only ones who claim to
Are those controlled by conformity
There is no good or bad
As we're all capable of both
We're all just auditioning
Waiting for the right director

I couldn't feel today
So I didn't carry on
Can anyone really tell the difference
Between the truth and stories told?

I don't know if there's a God
I've never felt their presence
I once believed in the myth
Now I know it's just a fairytale
There is no right or wrong
Only what was and will be
We're all just auditioning
Waiting for the right role

If there's something on the darker side
I will see you there
If there's nothing afterwards
Then this is my goodbye
Track Name: Awake

Sleep won't come tonight (repeat)

Sleep won't come tonight
Am I awake or am I dreaming?
Sleep won't come tonight
In this state of am I alive?
Sleep won't come tonight
Over the edge or still leaning?
Sleep won't come tonight
To leave my mind that barely survived

Sleep won't come tonight
Or tomorrow morning
Nightmares are all I find
When I close my eyes
Sleep won't come tonight
Or is it tomorrow morning
Nightmares are all I find
When I open my eyes

Sleep won't come tonight
Yesterday keeps me awake
Sleep won't come tonight
Too many pills I must take
Sleep won't come tonight
I've learnt to take myself away
Sleep won't come tonight
I watch as dawn breaks into day

Sleep won't come tonight
Track Name: Confession Booth
Confession Booth

I've heard the same speech
A million times
After a while the echo of your voice
Just sounds like a sip of the same old whine/wine

What will it take to make them see
The only thing that's real is what you believe

They hammer nails through my hands
You don't care about the tears of blood as they fall down
You can keep your own sins because I confess
I won't be forgiving you of yours any time soon

I've heard echoes of their preach
Watched them swallow it and drown
After a while the sound of their lies
Starts to make me feel dumbed down

Your faith may have fooled everyone
Your prayers have never saved anyone
Track Name: Dark Matter
Dark Matter

You swallow the stars like they're a drug
and you spit yourself out into the black holes
Where nobody can recognise or hear from you ever again

You can't see the light
Even when they shine a torch in the eyes of the face on your shadow

Down there all you find is illusion
Up here all you find is the creator of the lies

I feel like I'm falling but I'm up so high
You can't escape from here even when you die

You surround the sun
Like a separate universe taking over
When its beams look your way
It only sees nothing inside

You feel the absence always growing
Nothing can stop it now
Even if you wanted them to.
Track Name: Don't Play Games (With Me)
Don't Play Games (with me)

Don't play games with me
Or I will make you bleed

Now you know what to do
Kill them before they kill you (repeat)

Don't play games with me
You thought you could make me bleed
Forget about wrapping bandages
I'm not in the mood for healing
Track Name: I Have Lost
I Have Lost

I haven't recovered
I'm just getting better at hiding my wounds
I know that what my thoughts cannot abandon
Is easily forgotten by you

If I bite the hand that chokes me
The wrist just pulls back ready to strike again
If I bend back the fingers that point at me
The hand just fixes back into position again

The mirror's broken, who do you see there?
I've searched for all I have lost
but it is me I cannot find anywhere

Your mirror's broken, who do you see there?
I've tried everything but I have lost
I couldn't find you anywhere

I have discovered I'm getting worse at
telling myself to shut off
Even though you're seeing less and less of me now
I'm still switched on

My mind's broken, what thoughts do you have there?
I've searched for something sane to confide in
but it's more madness than inside here

My mind's broken, I wish I had no thoughts there
I've searched for someone sane to confide in
but it's more darker out there then inside here
Track Name: Invisible

Letting the demons run around
There's no putting a stop to them
What you cannot express
You'll find another way to release it
but I never do

Just because you think that you see me
Doesn't mean that I am here anymore (repeat)
I closed my doors and I couldn't see
Myself on the other side

I'm only glass on a mirror
Waiting to break and show some blood
but there's nothing left to bleed

Invisible (repeat)
Track Name: Medication Is Good For Your Dreams
Medication Is Good For Our Dreams

They all want to you to believe in their lies and their deceit
but there you won't find me
I've long gone from this planet
I was always looking up at the stars but
now they just look so far
because there's no escape I can exit to now
and if there's still a way then please tell me how?
I'll do anything to know it

There's no right or wrong
Nobody really belongs
We all do as we are told
and then we get old
Looking back on regret
Should we have taken that bet?
I didn't know my best days had gone
I don't remember any one.

They all want you to believe in their myths
and their decease
but there you won't find me.
I don't belong on this planet.
I was always looking up at the stars
wondering why they were so far
but there's no escape I can exit to now
and there's not a way I know of anyhow
I haven't already tried somehow

Take your pills and go to sleep
Medication is good for your dreams
You awake as a zombie
Crawling down on your knees
Some of us are chained there
and some of us can't see the rope hanging
around our neck
Track Name: Melancholy Strikes Again!
Melancholy Strikes Again!

Sad times seem to be the only ones that are real
I would love something else if only I could still feel
Wrong things seem to be the only ones that are true
I'd rather just not believe then be deceived by all of yourself

Melancholy strikes again!
Sadness always wins

Bad things are up ahead, here right now and before
If you don't know what pain is, don't you know what life is for?
Is it a sin just to be nice? Does everything have to be a vice?
What's once can't be changed but it will always repeat again
Track Name: Pieces Of Me
Pieces Of Me

Can anyone hear me as I scream?
I've fallen off of the balancing beam
Everything I feel ends up killing me
Everything I think makes my thoughts bleed

Can anyone see me in my dreams?
Only the nightmares come true
Everything I feel ends up leaving me cold
Every time I think, it just reminds me of you

I feel so lost all of the time
Is anyone looking for me?
What pieces of me will they find
that are not broken already?

I feel so hurt all of the time
Is anyone looking out for me?
What pieces of me won't they find?
They've left them behind already
Track Name: Play The Violin (For Me)
Play the Violin (For Me)
(Extended Version)

Sadness is always overtaking me
What's best at being worse is the most unseen
I can hear my own heartbeat as it disappears
Nobody else can hear. No one else is here

Play the violin (for me)
My only friend, will you miss me, misery?

When this ends, you will see
It was over long ago for me
When this started, you couldn't see
These broken strings never fix anything

Madness is always laughing at me
What seems the most sane is really the most obscene
I can hear my own thoughts as they disappears
Everything is quiet now there's nothing of me here

Play the violin (for me)
Pretend you gave a damn. Show some empathy.

When this ends, you will see
The present is both future and history
When this started, you couldn't see
My blind eye is open, unwillingly

Play the violin (for me)

When this ends, you will see
In return for everything, you receive mortality
When this started, you couldn't see
The tears you cry with as a baby are the same as
an old lady
Track Name: Pulled Apart
Pulled Apart

I want just something I can hold onto
Everything is cold now
Ashes thrown against the wind
I'm balancing glass
It always shatters
I can't feel the blood as it trickles down

I always want this to finish
Before it ever could start
I know the closer I get
The more I'll be pulled apart

I don't know why I'm here
I don't know if I am
What's left of the pieces
that don't fit anywhere?
Track Name: The Flower Has Shrunk Back In
The Flower Has Shrunk Back In

Days, they have passed
I only know
Watching the light turn to grey
From the shades of my window

Once in a while I've rose up
but each time as I grew
It only got me closer to falling back down
As we all do

I haven't had no nurturing
I've shrunk back inside my flower
My petals have been torn off
The roots that gave me life have turned me sour
They've been growing thorns inside my soil
I've shrivelled up inside my flower
My leafs have changed from green to brown
Stems have been cut off
What looked up now only stares down

The sun, it has passed.
I only know
from memories it triggers
from the corner of my window

For a short time you learn to exist
with what you don't miss
A while later you can't live
knowing that this is all there is
Track Name: The Only Way Is Down
The Only Way Is Down

The bloodstains soak through us all
but sometimes old skin remains
Can you see further passed the dark?
Is there not just more black holes?
I feel myself fall
The only way is down
The tears used to be the only ones
Now they don't make a sound

What does the time say on your clock?
Does it ever just stop?
There's only a certain amount
we all have left and that's all we've got

I reach out with broken fingers
Losing everything I grip onto
Drag myself to an open door I can't pull myself through
I knelt down before my demons and asked that they be removed
They spoke back to me and said “we will only leave when you do”

I've been down these long roads for too long
Every one only leads to another dead end again
I waited far too much for something to happen that was good
The friendly smiles, I should have known were really all just pretend

What does the time say on your clock?
Does it ever just stop?
There's only a certain amount we all have left
but sometimes not
Track Name: Vampire

I've been living too long
There's no end to this hell
I've seen where this life leads to...
a thousand different times
through my eyes
I'm stuck here, alone in discontent
With nothing left to do
but survive
I can't feel a thing.
I'm going to
take your life
If I cannot end mine

I'm not made up
I drain the world every day...
How can you learn(change) anything
if you can't feel (end) the pain?

Can you see the light?
It's waiting to burn you
Can you feel the night?
It belongs to you
Come and take a bite
Skin breaks right through...
Yesterdays blood bag
is tomorrows too

I watch the world from shadows
They're not as dark as my soul
Everything that's new just looks like
a bad copy of the past to me
I feel indifferent, watching the same
played out over & over again
Whose less human, me or you, can you tell?
When we both like to watch others bleed?
Track Name: Wearing Costumes

We're all wearing costumes
Nobody likes you when you are yourself
The masks often come off
Reveals them to be something else
They all say be true
While they teach you to lie every day
For all the ids you consume
Another part of you gets taken away

We all like dressing up
As different versions of ourselves
Mostly we do what we're taught to
Expected to be like everyone else
Nobody ever tells you
The one you must face in the end is yourself
We're all wearing costumes
I just want to be myself
Track Name: You Can't Save Me (Now)
You Can't Save Me Now

My pupils are opening
I still can't see anything
in this darkness
My mind is closing in
I still can't find myself
She's gone away and isn't
ever coming back

The blood is dropping from my wrists
You can't save, no you can't save me now
The lights have been switched off
You can't save, no you can't save me now
I choose to no longer exist
You can't save, no you can't save me now
This life has finished draining me
You can't save, no you can't save me now

My pupils are closing
I can see everything
in this darkness
My mind is opening
Maybe I must die
to find myself before I
can bring her back
Track Name: You're Gone
You're Gone

Can't you see since you've died
I've grown this empty inside
Nobody visits me here
As if they'll catch suicide

You're gone
I can't
carry on
I don't want to
You're gone (repeat)
I'm gone (repeat)

Can't you see I have died
I'm so alone, always been
All there is are shadows
When I look for family