Demos 2012 (First Takes) CD2

by Sorrow Stories

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2012 Demos (First Take) CD2

These songs are raw and were recorded when I didn't have good quality/or the right equipment nor any experience or knowledge of recording/production. Many of the tracks were recorded at the time of creation, often having only just decided how the music or singing was going to go, sometimes upon hitting the record button. Therefore, these are first takes, there are mistakes but there is a natural experience that can only be captured from the first time which for those of you who can look past these things, can hopefully appreciate. Somewhere in the future, you may hear these songs from me again in better quality and/or as different versions.


released December 23, 2015

All music, lyrics, production, rights: Sorrow Stories



all rights reserved


Sorrow Stories London, UK

Sorrow Stories is an One-Female Band created by Tina Forlorn.

On database with 'The Main Idea', a US company who are known for TV Ads.




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Track Name: Cold Memory

Old faces come back to haunt you
Especially the ones you've worn
So many places that look unfamiliar
Can then take me back to there in seconds

How do you leave the past behind?
When the present changes every minute
I'm not willing to lose any more
It hurts more than you'll ever know
How do you leave the past behind?
Without deserting a huge part of yourself
I'm not ready to lose any more
but it's passing by the moment...

There's hostility punching through my mind
I think the claws have found their way through
Rinse my thoughts of all bad things
Could there be anything else?
Track Name: Nothing In This World (Like You)

A long dream that never ends...
I'm falling into your arms again
Been to all of the stars with you beside me
Every time we left, I've never felt so empty

I've had others that left me wanting
You're the loudest echo that haunts me
By now, I'd probably do anything for you
The more I consume, the more you destroy me
The ones that have never had a piece of you
Cannot understand what you mean to me
The ones that have had all of you
Just encourage me...

The ones that never had a piece of you
Cannot understand what you do to me
The ones that have had some of you
Can easily leave...

Watching from afar as you slowly kill me
It feels like there's a heaven in hell
There's nothing in this world (repeat) like you

I wish this was something I could grow out of
You've found all of the places that were locked
Everything felt at such a distance before I knew you
I can hardly feel anything else since I found you
Track Name: Mouths Of Judgement
Waiting for the calm waves
To hold me back from the current rushing in
Forcing a way to find tomorrow
That won't blind me with what's already been

Nothing can replace what I've lost
The best of me died so long ago
The rest of me will soon follow...

The mouth of judgement is open wide
Help at hand is such limited supply
I only got to here because I couldn't escape
Now I can't escape this place

Did their ears ever press against my lips?
I still don't think they really heard me
Crawling back into my hibernation...
Somewhere I can go and never leave
Track Name: At The Bottom

Life is knowing of the evens
and being fixated with the odds
Life's a trilogy...of frowning events
Life is best

I cannot see the bottom
Because I'm so attached to it
I cannot see myself
As I don't really exist

I fit into the world like a nail
Forever climbing out to just be hit down
The world has sat on it's own face
Scales of unhappiness has no measurement

I'm only here to see the end
While they pretend that there's anything else
Track Name: Rattle

My cage, it's bolted now
When the bites don't show, they just sting more
I feel the droplets of rain start to flood
Where you can't pull the plug on the sadness that overwhelms

I'm fitting my thoughts into holes that cannot breathe
Trying to lift my heavy limbs up off my knees
Staring into a distorted distance that cannot be seen
By anyone but me

Loosen the pressure that's keeping me confined
The more they open me up, the more I hate what I find
Can't accept what I am, but what does change even mean?
The more you reach for something better, the more you repeat
all that you've seen?

My cage, it's always rattling
and if it seems to stop for a moment, it's just preparing
I feel something cold shaking through my thoughts
Where my mind's always against me
I cannot lose one memory
but I need to see most of them gone
Track Name: Suicide Watch

I will smile again
When I remember how to pretend

No lock is going to stop my mood from sinking
No amount of alcohol is going to get the poison out
You may understand me shouting if you listen to my whispers
I trust only life's cruel, there is no doubt

I will smile again
When I remember how to pretend

I won't tell anyone what I plan to do
You only do that if you want them to stop you
The pain's too much and I've had enough of feeling like this
Can't live in a world where they take your mind and keep twisting it

I will smile again
When I remember how to pretend
If I have to suffer alone
Let me do it in peace
Track Name: Starting At The Finishing Line

Longing for that one minute of silence that never enters your head
No matter what I've tried to fill my thoughts up with, they never empty
Too many routes from too many wounds always keeping me at the edges
and even when I'm falling over never ends

I don't see how I'll ever find a place to settle my thoughts now
Everything seems so surreal, I know they/it must be true
Keep telling myself it's just a nightmare, one day it will be gone
I know it'll never leave before I do
I know it'll never leave unless I do

Longing for that one minute of noise to take over the volumes of my mind
No matter how I've tried to throw out the rubbish, it just keeps on adding more
Too many dead ends from too many fiends, always keeping me stuck right here
and even if I manage to get away from just starts again...
Track Name: Abandon (Original)
ABANDON (Original)

All that's left is silence
Filled up with too much unreleased
Nothing can get through any more
So keep on building up these walls
What used to look like hope has faded
Into the same absence everywhere else goes
All of the dark holes have swallowed me whole
Now, I'm just waiting to go...

They all turned away when I needed them most
They all died when I couldn't take any more
They all ignored what was obviously killing me
Now, it's just myself I must abandon

All that's left are these hours
They go on and on as though they'll never stop
I can feel the end around every corner
That the hand turns on the clock
What used to look like sadness has faded
Into the same absence everywhere else goes
All of the raindrops drown me of all colour
Even my tears split in half as they fall